• MBR Sewage Treatment Equipment

    MBR Sewage Treatment Equipment

    MBR Sewage Treatment Equipment is an integrated sewage treatment and reuse device designed and developed by our company.With the international advanced technology of our company core competitive development using the same anti pollution MBR film,to fill the domestic blank,and established dozens of large-scale demonstration projcets,is the best technology to implement energy conservation and efficiency expansion.MBR Sewage Treatment Equipment have been exported to the United States,Austrlia and other developed countries,including the international markets,and achieved very good environmental and economic benefits

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  • SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

    SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Sequencing batch reactors (SBR) or sequential batch reactors are a type of activated sludge process for the treatment of wastewater. SBR reactors treat wastewater such as sewage or output from anaerobic digesters or mechanical biological treatment facilities in batches.

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