• XRUV Up-flow Pressure Screen

    XRUV Up-flow Pressure Screen

    XRUV Upflow Pressure Screen is a kind of new-type recycled paper pulp screen equipment,designed for promoting the up-flow structure aiming at the characteristics of the impurity in the recycled paper pulp,It can apply to various kinds of coasre screen and precise screen of the wasted paper.

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  • XRDJ Multi-stage Pressure Screen

    XRDJ Multi-stage Pressure Screen

    XRDJ Series Multilevel Pressure Screen is a more advanced product on the base of up-flow pressure screen. It can screen the pulp four times in a same machine, so it can simplify the pulp flow greatly, and reduce pulp tanks, pulp pumps and pipes with a little investment and a lower electrical consumption. It consists of a drive system, rotor, multilevel screen basket, multilevel diluting and mixing zones, one to two backflow pipes, one to three dilution water inlets, pulp inlet, heavy rejects outlets, tail rejects and so on. It can screen for paper pulp. Especially waste paper pulp. There is a little of fiber in the tail pulp.

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  • XXG Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen

    XXG Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen

    Rotary Drum Pressure Screen is a new generation of internal flow pulp screening equipment developed by our company on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign technology and combining domestic operation practices. It is suitable for the screening of waste paper pulp and wood pulp, and is preferentially used for the screening of waste paper pulp. This product combines screening and purification functions to remove light and heavy impurities at the same time. Play a rough screening role.

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  • Double-drum Low-pulse Pre-net Screen

    Double-drum Low-pulse Pre-net Screen

    ZSM Double-drums low-pulse pre-net screen is adopted the frame of inner and outer streamline double screen drum and configured the inside and outside rotor with high precision adjusted the clearance.Reasonable rotor shape and layout form cooperating with advanced ripple screen drum can fully improve the traversing ability of press screen.And it reduces the energy consumption and is a kind of net front screen with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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  • XFS Fiber Fractionating Screen

    XFS Fiber Fractionating Screen

    Fiber Fractionating Screen is mainly used in pulp and paper production for fractionating long fiber and short fiber in all kinds of pulp, which is in order to economically and effectively perform separately treating and utilizing Special rotor structure can assure the velocity uniformity of fiber passing through screen slot in whole cylinder height, thereby effectively overcoming the phenomenon.

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  • XLNY Inflow Pressure Screen

    XLNY Inflow Pressure Screen

    XLNY Inflow Pressure Screen is mainly used for making the screen before the paper machine of papermaking industry of pulp-making. It can also be regarded as the precise sieve of pulp-making system. It has the advantages of great quantity, low pulse, not easy to stop, low energy consumption and having long life.

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  • XRJS Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

    XRJS Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

    Middle Consistency Pressure Screen is one of main machines in the process of closed thermal screening for chemical wooden pulp or straw pulp; It can also be used in coarse or fine screening systems for different kinds of paper stock, such as chemical wood pulp, chemical straw pulp, recycle paper pulp, and mechanical wood pulp.

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  • XSL Liquid Filtration Pressure Screen

    XSL Liquid Filtration Pressure Screen

    The XLS Liquid Filtration Pressure Screen is used for black liquor filtration or other waste water purification in the alkali recovery project of the pulp and paper industry. This machine has the advantages of large filtering capacity, high filtrate cleanliness, no fiber hanging on the drum, and convenient operation and use. It is an updated product that replaces the traditional rotary screen liquid filter.

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