• Anaerobic System UASB Reactor

    Anaerobic System UASB Reactor

    The UASB Anaerobic Reactor is an anaerobic biological method for sewage treatment. There is a high concentration and high activity sludge bed at the bottom of the reactor. The sewage is transformed through UASB from bottom to top and through different microorganisms, including hydrolysis and acidification. Most of the organic pollutants in sewage are degraded by anaerobic fermentation to methane and carbon dioxide to produce acetic acid and methane.

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  • IC Anaerobic Reactor (Internal Circulation Reactor)

    IC Anaerobic Reactor (Internal Circulation Reactor)

    IC Anaerobic Reactor is a kind of high efficient multistage reactor,IC anaerobic reactor is the third generation anaerobic reactors, IC anaerobic reactor has High COD volume load (up to 15-30 kgCOD/m3 d.) operation is stable, impact resistant load ability, Has been successfully applied in the beer, paper, food processing industries of sewage treatment.

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