Brief introduction of Xuridong Hydrapulper


Hydrapulper is one of the most commonly used pulping equipment in pulp and paper industry, mainly breaking pulping board, waste books, waste cartons and so on.  It can be divided into Vertical Hydrapulper  and Horizontal Hydrapulper in structure form.  


Vertical Hydrapulper: the main structure is tank, rotor (impeller), bottom knife ring and motor, etc.  The general circular speed of the turntable is 1000m/min, and the diameter of the tank is 1-6m.  At present, the volume of Hydrapulper in China is 1-30 cubic meters and other models.  


Working principle: start the motor, the impeller starts to rotate, the slurry in the tank is sucked along the axis center, and thrown out from the circumference at high speed, forming a violent turbulent cycle.  Due to the impeller wing tearing and different speed of the slurry flow layer of mutual osmotic action, produce a huge friction effect, so that the slurry in the wet state of strong dispersion, separation of fiber, at the same time, fiber bundle in the impeller and sieve plate clearance friction, increase the role of fibrosis.  


Horizontal Hydrapulper: divided into volt type (horizontal) Hydrapulper and drum type (drum type) Hydrapulper.  

Volt-type hydraulic pulp machine has a side rotor, the lower part of the tank has a impurity collector, other structure and vertical pulp machine is the same.  This pulper can handle waste paper that has not been sorted.  


Drum Hydrapulper can continuously remove non-fiber impurities that are difficult to break, and has a large production capacity.  It makes use of the wall of the cylinder to pick up the paper material, at a certain height, it falls to the bottom of the cylinder, and uses the tearing and shearing action to achieve the purpose of fiber separation.  Major impurities are not damaged by machinery and are easy to be removed by miscellaneous equipment.  

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