Xuridong Hydraulic Pulper deliveried to different areas

Hydraulic Pulper is mainly used in the pulping process of paper mill and paper pulp molding industry. According to the concentration, they can be divided into High Consistency Hydraulic Pulper, Medium Consistency Hydraulic Pulper and Low Consistency pulper.  According to the user's site can be customized for different models, specific can be divided into Vertical Hydraulic Pulper, Horizontal Hydraulic Hulper, D type hydraulic pulper, flexible installation, convenient maintenance.  

Hydraulic Pulper

The main materials broken by hydraulic pulper are pulp board, waste paper, waste paper boxes, damaged paper, kraft paper, etc., which can protect the original nature of fiber as far as possible, and they can save energy for the majority of users, and produce a higher whiteness of pulp.  

Paper Pulp Beater

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