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sewage pond submersible jet aerator for deep water mixer

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sewage pond submersible jet aerator for deep water mixer

 Product description

Submerged Centrifugal Aerator is professional aeration equipment mainly used for feeding water pretreatment and sewage biochemical treatment process, such as aeration grit chamber, pre-aeration tank, aeration tank, air flotation tank, stirring etc., also can be used in aquaculture pond to add oxygen and landscape water conservation.



Advantage & Feature

venturi jet aerator is the most economical and efficient choice for the wastewater treatment process whichrequire additional air replenishment. Due to the design of adopt submersible motor, there is no need to invest in the machine roomQXB(II) type submersible aerator have many advantages, such as: fine bubbles, high dissolved oxygen rate, easy to install and maintain, flexibleNo shape requirement for pool, operate steadily.

1. High oxygen utilization rate;

2. Large service area;

3. Simple structure, compact, permanent lubrication bearing, high quality machine seal;

4. Long service life, no trouble in long-term operation;

5. Save engineering investment, no need air source and blower, easy to install, low noise.

Technical  assistance                                                 

Ø  Experienced engineers guidance on line  

Ø  Experienced engineers guidance live

Ø  Technical materials

Ø  Project design                                                                                 


Technical details   


sewage pond submersible jet aerator for deep water mixer
Type Power  Operation range(m) Min-max water depth(m  Air inlet pipe diameter(mm)  The maxium intake of air (m³/h) 50HZ/60HZ  

NO.of outlets

 Weight (kg)
 xqxb1.5-40  1.5  1.0-2.0  1.0-3.0  40  40/40  8  135
 xqxb2.2-50  2.2  2.5-5.0  1.0-4.0 50   60/60 147 
 xqxb3.7-65  4  3.0-6.0  1.0-4.0 65   90/80 160 
 xqxb5.5-65 5.5   3.5-7.0  1.0-4.0 65   150/120 10/8  315 
 xqxb7.5-80 7.5   4.5-9.0  1.5-4.5 80   170/160 10  320 
 xqxb11-80 11  5.0-10.0  1.5-4.5 80   260/260 10  368 
 xqxb15-100 15  5.8-11.5  2.0-5.0 100   340/320 10  385 
 xqxb19-100 18.5  5.9-11.8  2.0-5.5 100   360/360 10  432 
 xqxb22-100 22   6.0-12.0  2.0-6.0 100   440/460 10  456 
 xqxb30-150 30   7.3-14.5  2.0-6.0 150   510/500 10  998 
 xqxb37-150 37   7.5-15.0  2.0-6.0 150   600/600 12/10  1080 
 xqxb45-150 45   7.8-15.5  2.0-6.0 150   700/700 12/10  1155 
 xqxb55-150 55   8.0-16.0  2.0-6.0 150   780/800 12  1200 

 sewage pond submersible jet aerator for deep water mixer

Shandong Xuridong Machinery Co.,Ltdis a high and new tech enterprise that isconcerned with scientific research and development, production and technology service,All the products are produced completely by us. In 2009, we were certified by ISO9001: 2008. We supply environment consultation, project design,production, construction guidance installation and commissioning, operation management and follow-up service,The stainless steel venturi jet aerator for waste water was produced entirely by ourselves absorbs advantages of similar types both at home and 


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 General international manger:  Mr. Bertram Young

 Tel/whatsapp: +86 15253622917

 Wechat: Y15253622917

 E-mail: yangshengfeng(at)

 Trade manager: Mr. Tom Yang

 Mob: +86 13563631266

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 Shandong Xuridong Machinery Co.,Ltd

 Add: No.68, Tieyuan road, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China

 Tel: +86-536-6081238   Fax: +86-536-6087785   Post code: 262200


01. We are a manufacturer and we have import and export rights.

02. We produce wonderful environmental protection machines and solutions, pulp and paper making machines and solutions as well as tissue paper converting machinery and solutions,

03. Our main manufacturing facility which spans nearly 30,000m2.

04. We have achieved a total of 32 patents over the past few years.

05. Each year the output value of our products can reach up to 150 million RMB, to domestic and overseas. 
06. We are in very close proximity to a very famous port city – Qingdao in northern China, and this location provides us with a plethora of logistics advantages, including: easy and cost effective transport by both air and sea, also.


01. Detailed installation manual and maintenance guideline are provided with the equipment.

02. Technical training and site-commissioning are available for you.

03.Any equipment issue, we will stand by. However, the visa fee, air tickets, accommodation, wages will be paid by buyers.



01. How to buy your idea products?

  A: You can provide us your water sources, water quality, flow rate and ground area (connect us for more details).

02. How to pay?

  A: TT and L/C are acceptable and TT will be more appreciated. 30% deposit before producing, 70% balance before loading by TT.

03. What is the delivery time?

  A: It depends on order quantities. Generally speaking, the delivery time will be within 4 to 6 weeks.

04. How to pack the products?

  A: We use standard package. If you have special package requirements, we will pack as required, but the fees will be paid by customers.

05. How to keep your equipment from corrosion? 

  A: We use the world-famous paint, like SigmaCoatings, PainBow, etc. What's more, we paint strictly according to the standard process.

06. How do you manufacture your equipment ?

  A: Our machining technology includes laser/plasma cutting, automatic welding, CNC cutting and bending.

07. How to install after the equipment arriving destination?

  A: We will provide detailed illustrations to you. If it is necessary, we will send technicians to help you. However, the visa fee, air tickets, accommodation, wages will be paid by buyers.

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