Sewage Treatment & Pulping Equipments

Mechanical Filter Tank

Mechanical filter tank can effectively remove colloids, iron, organics, pesticides, manganese, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants ,the main advantage is with small filtration resistance. large specific surface area, strong resistance to acid and alkali , resistance to oxidation,.appicapable PH with 2 to 13 and strong pollution-resistance. As a unique advantages of the quartz sand filter, the filter is able to realize self-adaptively rworking by optmizing design on the filter media and filter, therefore the filter material has a strong adaptivity to raw water concentration, operating conditions and pretreatment process. i.e. that is,loose upper layer and density bottom layer status will be on the filter bed automatically during filtration, which ensures the good water output under a variety of operating conditions,the filter material will spread out during backwashing to achieve good cleaning effect.

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